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15 Apr, 2019

This cropped sweater

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Leggings are a must have this winter and pair well with ballet flats or boots.All of these winter clothes pair very well with boots which Functional fabric Factory of course will be all the rage this winter.One of our favorite tunic length dresses is the Retro Boatneck dress by Sweet Pea by Stacy Frati. t’s that time of year again when the seasons start to change and you start looking for the perfect pieces for Fall and Winter. You can be sure that each of these pieces is modern, but is not going to be a fad for only one season, which in the current economy makes sprucing up your wardrobe with these pieces far more economical. Our stylists recommend having a few pairs of leggings in staple colors like Black, Grey and then mix in other colors according to your color preferences.

This winter some of the big trends include: cropped sweaters, long cardigans, tunic length tops or dresses, and leggings. With a boatneck neckline, this tunic is distinctive and a great addition to any wardrobe this season. You’ll see a lot of the knee high length boots this winter which will be the perfect complement to those cropped sweaters or tunic length dresses with or without leggings. For alternate looks we sometimes even knot the cardigan at the waist for a more fitted look. One of our favorites is the Rayon Slub Jersey Cardigan by Splendid. This season you’re even seeing denim leggings. At Vintage Fringe, we’re partial to the Swoosie leggings from Velvet by Graham and Spencer currently available in both Grey and Black. The cropped sweater look is totally in this season and we love it as it is such a modern feminine look. We love the vintage pattern in vibrant colors and the tie around the waist that can tie in front or in back.

This cropped sweater features an off center zipper and zippered pockets. We love the button detail at the shoulder and the wide collar with a zipper from top to bottom..In the long cardigan category we love wearing both buttoned cardigans and loose cardigans.The Aspen Motorcycle Sweater by one of our favorite designers Velvet by Graham and Spencer is absolutely one of our must haves this winter. Here are a few of our favorite pieces at Vintage Fringe for great clothes for winter. We are always on the look out for navy and brown leggings too although they are more splurge colors than staples. This dress is so versatile that it works year round with or without leggings.

Overall, every good winter wardrobe should include at least a few of the following pieces to be trendy this season.As for leggings, many people have avoided the trend, waiting to see how much staying power leggings had, but it is safe to say that this winter they are here to stay. We love love love the fabric their rayon slub jersey feels absolutely luxurious and we love the flowing look of the cardigan in front. We love pairing this top with a longer shirt underneath as contrasting shirt lengths are another great trend this season。


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